New site in progress.
In the meantime, here's a little about me.

I'm Angela.

Designer, photographer, artist, maker. Lover of food and beer and bourbon. Born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi. Atlantan since 1999. I bask in my Southern-ness.

There’s work: advertising, branding and interactive media; currently Senior Art Director at a niche marketing and branding firm.

There’s also giving back: as Vice President of Good Thinking Atlanta, design, strategy and project management for nonprofits providing access to justice, education, and social services to disadvantaged citizens; helped form the Sustainability Committee of the Atlanta chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design, to help educate and further sustainable practices within the design community; served with AIGA as Design for Good Chair; served on the board of Boulevard Tunnel Initiative, a community group helping keep a neighborhood thoroughfare safe for pedestrian use. 

And then there's all the rest: travel; yoga; British television; knitting and pottery and collage and bookmaking; nights by the firepit; old rusty and weathered things.