Designer, photographer, artist, maker.


I have always been a daydreamer, always building story and possibility in my head, always making a mess. This got me into more than my fair share of trouble as a kid. It’s also what led me to become a designer.

I view design as a craft, born from talent, which is practiced and honed. Design is much more than the making of a thing. As much as it is the solution, it is also the story of how you got there.  

But you probably want to hear about me.

I’m an introverted Leo who has a confident voice but is still learning to take a compliment. I was born and raised in Mississippi and have been an Atlantan since 1999; I bask in my Southern-ness. I admire British television for its inclination to provide a good ending. I find grace in old, weathered and imperfect things. I believe in the interconnectedness of all living things, and in the transformational experience of travel. I relish chilly nights by the fire pit with a glass of bourbon. I am compelled to make and inspired to learn.

And I wrap all of this up with an artist's perspective and an unassuming logic, still seeing and listening with that daydreamer's sense of possibility.


BFA, Graphic Design  |  Mississippi State University

BFA, Photography  |  Mississippi State University


Senior Art Director  |  Function
2006 – present
Branding. Advertising. Print, digital and environmental design. Basic HTML and CSS. Management of and collaboration with creative teams, including designers, photographers, writers, videographers, programmers. Some client and account management.

Vice President, Project Manager, Volunteer  |  Good Thinking Atlanta
2014 – present
Brand and campaign strategy. Project and creative team management. Client base of nonprofit organizations working to provide access to justice, education, and social services to disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Board Chair for Sustainability + Design for Good  |  AIGA Atlanta
2011 – 2014
Program and event creation, organization and execution. Collaboration with team of volunteers. 

Principal, Creative Director  |  Lightdaughter
2009 – 2015
Branding. Print and digital design. Project management. 

Production Designer  |  Current
2004 – 206
Print and digital design production. Design support. 


Architectural Record Excellence in Advertising Awards, 2016  |  Winner, Single 
CertainTeed Gypsum, "Information is Power" campaign ad

AIGA Atlanta Poster Show: Mixtape, 2016  |  Official Selection 
"Everest" by Ani DiFranco

Architectural Record Excellence in Advertising Awards, 2013  |  Best in Class, Single 
Kawneer, "protect what's inside" ad

Art of the Menu (blog), Under Consideration, 2011  |  Featured Design
West Egg Café, menu suite

Print magazine Regional Design Annual, 2011  |  Official Selection 
West Egg Café, menu suite

SEED Awards, 2011  |  Design Excellence 
West Egg Café, menu suite

Architectural Record Excellence in Advertising Awards, 2010  |  Best in Class, Single 
Kawneer, "Knowledge isn't just power; it's energy." ad

Create Magazine Awards, 2006  |  Gold Winner 
Hornbein Koskovich Architects, logo

Decatur Beer Festival Logo Competition, 2006  |  Winning Design